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AESOP Circle

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AESOP Circle

15 Card Matching exercise strategy Games for two players 3 Years and  Up
Think circle!
15 cards with Aesop and 5 of his myth heroes.
One of them will become your battering ram.
Choose your strongest cards and play safe preparing for the final battle. Stay focused, your opponent is.

How to play AESOP Circle

Shuffle the 15 cards and deal 7 to each player. The remaining card is left face up in the middle.
In turns, players play a card with an image same as the image on the card played last on the pile.
When the players have no valid card to play, they pass. If both players pass, the one who passed first can start afresh, playing any card she/he chooses.
The winner is the player who first empties his/her hand.

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